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International Adoption Travel Journal
Written by Mary Ebejer Petertyl

New Features
  • Map of the world to track your journey
  • Reorganized to streamline daily journaling
  • Additional "Daily Journal" pages
  • New "Souvenir List"
  • Sturdier travel-ready spine
  • An envelope for receipts/small keepsakes

What Parents Who Have Used The Journal Are Saying...
"The journal was fun and easy to complete. The daily sections were the best. I am an anthropologist, so I am always interested in things that might make travel notes and observations easier and more convenient."
- Suzanne, Somerville MA

"It actually inspired me to record much more than I had planned. The routine of filling out the journal helped keep me sane and provided me with a bigger picture perspective. I would certainly recommend your journal as essential equipment for anyone forced to travel alone without their partner."
- Jackson, Portland OR

"I used the journal most days. It was very thorough... seemed to have a place for most things. I loved the part to write everyone in your group's name and address. It's great to have that forever."
- Karen, Hendersonville TN

International adoption travel is a time of excitement, wonder, and unpredictable experiences. In addition to adding a new child to your family, your trip is probably the first you will make to your child's birth country. Everything is new. Everything is interesting. You want to savor it all. You know that every map, every receipt, every photo will one day become a cherished link to your child's heritage.

But, as many parents who have been there know, in all the excitement and stress of international adoption travel, chronicling your trip in blank a notebook becomes next to impossible - particularly once your child arrives.

The new International Adoption Travel Journal was designed with your special trip in mind. With seven separate sections organized in meaningful categories and a full-in-the blank format, you will find this unique journal an invaluable keepsake to record your trip of a lifetime.

Order International Adoption Travel Journal

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