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Order When You Were Born in China.

When You Were Born in China:
A Memory Book for Children Adopted from China

by Sara Dorow, with photographs by Stephen Wunrow

When You Were Born in China is a moving photo-essay that provides a child's eye look at Chinese adoptions, helping to explain some of the "whys" and "hows" that have brought these children to their new families. The book speaks directly to the adopted child, assuring her that hers is a special story, one that started in an ancient and amazing country. The text then suggests that maybe the reader has a few questions about her story, how she was born in China, who might have known her then, and how she came to be adopted.

When You Were Born in China will be invaluable to adoptive parents who are looking for just the right words to help their child understand some of the factors that brought them together. It sensitively addresses the difficult issue of why birthparents felt they could not care for their child, and it provides some context for the whole process. The book will be enjoyed by school-agers and adults, and can be read or paraphrased to younger children as a wonderful way to integrate these topics into their daily lives.

Order When You Were Born in China.

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